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Laureate of the GRAND PRIX 2015

One-man physical theatre that defies the laws of gravity


One forsaken man, one suitcase, one empty room. Boredom. But what will happen if the laws of physics stop applying?

LEO is sitting on a cartoon chair and, at the same time, is standing both on his head and with his feet on the ground. He is climbing walls without hands and then swimming in a marine world. In this world, he will experience his dreams and his desire for freedom. This is an insane and poetic journey of a man, whose world has gone physically insane. The impossible becomes possible. Fiction or reality? The interplay of the physical acrobacy of one person, video and projection combined with theatre, dance, music, circus acts and pantomime, all combined into a one-of-a-kind artistic experience.

The co-production of a Canadian and German ensemble from Berlin of the artistic world class creates a highly original, innovative, funny and – in this area – yet unseen production. Thanks to renowned directing, acting and choreographic talents as well as light designers, this loaded story defies not only the theatre, but also the gravitational theory. From the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, through New York and Moscow all the way to Honk Kong, the multiple award-winning LEO is not only a sight to behold, but also soothes the soul.

Leo bends his body as well as our minds. One man in two places at the same time! Suitable for all ages who want to experience these “nonsensical physics” and a magical balance of fantasy and reality. Photos: Andy Phillipson

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European Festival of Humour and Satire KREMNICA GAGS® is a unique international event presenting cultivated humour, independent satire and lively fun with long-lasting tradition (*1981). It is held annually at the end of August in the centre of medieval mining and coin-producing town Kremnica (*1328). For about 300 successful authors, musicians, puppeteers, artists, mimes, dancers, clowns, reciters and street artists from Slovakia, Czech republic and many other European countries perform their best productions at 13 interior scenes and exterior stages. The newest humoristic productions and performances from last season are evaluated by international and professional jury – Academy of Humour (*2004) which awards Golden Gander prize in particular art genres. Visitor of all ages are having fun during rich and stirring program. Especially young generation, families with children, managers, businessmen, employees and tourists are relaxing in unrepeteable atmosphere during the event. Renowned celebrities and artists come here for inspiration and relax. Three-day’s happening of good mood at the end of summer is regularly visited by thousands of visitors from all around Slovakia and from abroad.

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