Photo by Michal Svitok


Founded in 2008 by Julia Moa Caprez and Igor Sellem, Les Rois Vagabonds was one of France’s most promising clown company. JULIA MOA CAPREZ is a classical violinist and a dancer. She knocked about with companies from Zurich to Amsterdam and from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. IGOR SELLEM studied fundamental physics, climbed cliffs and peaks with the world best climbers. He is a trumpet player and went all over Brittany with a brass-band.


Are Gazelle and Gorki traditional clowns or new clowns? They are before all “poets in action“ as Henri Miller nicely says. They make us feel like travelling with them for a while on our path of humanity. Mime, acrobatics and music. Barely a few words. They speak a universal language. Whether old philosopher or toddler, we are surprised, we are amazed, we laugh, we smile and we are moved.

She is wearing a white wig and has the whitened face of the nobility in the court. She looks haughty and holds an alto. He has a hunched posture and his beard gives him a more sombre look. He is holding a tuba and some straw bales. It seems that everything sets them apart and yet they keep looking for each other. Whether clowns or acrobats, music brings them together. On the programme: Vivaldi, Strauss, Bach, Ravel. But the musicians are clowns...

European Festival of Humour and Satire KREMNICA GAGS® is a unique international event presenting cultivated humour, independent satire and lively fun with long-lasting tradition (*1981). It is held annually at the end of August in the centre of medieval mining and coin-producing town Kremnica (*1328). For about 300 successful authors, musicians, puppeteers, artists, mimes, dancers, clowns, reciters and street artists from Slovakia, Czech republic and many other European countries perform their best productions at 13 interior scenes and exterior stages. The newest humoristic productions and performances from last season are evaluated by international and professional jury – Academy of Humour (*2004) which awards Golden Gander prize in particular art genres. Visitor of all ages are having fun during rich and stirring program. Especially young generation, families with children, managers, businessmen, employees and tourists are relaxing in unrepeteable atmosphere during the event. Renowned celebrities and artists come here for inspiration and relax. Three-day’s happening of good mood at the end of summer is regularly visited by thousands of visitors from all around Slovakia and from abroad.

GAGS found and invited (2006 – 2012)